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Friday, October 15, 2010

Where do I start?

I am so blessed.  There hasn't been anything better in my life than for me to be out here in California sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.  There are so many people to thank for me being out here.  At this time I wanted to take time to thank 1 of the most influential people in my life, my beautiful mother.
My Mother is my best friend.  There is no other person on the earth that's testimony of God and His church has touched my heart and soul more than hers.  She grew up in NJ and never was taught about God.  Growing up without the knowledge of God is a difficult thing.  She tells me of the things that she went through and it breaks my heart every time.  So as she was searching for the purpose of life, she ran into a couple of Mormons at work who offered her more.  She shortly after met with a couple of missionaries and committed to be baptized.  Since than, many miraculous things occurred in her life to build up her faith in Jesus Christ.  I never get sick of hearing her story and how she came to know of Gods plan.  My mother has never looked back.  When I hear the words "endure to the end" I think of her.
Raising 5 rowdy kids (when I say rowdy I'm being nice) was the center of her life.  My mother was always there when we needed her.  I loved most of all siting down occasionally and do nothing but talk about life with her.  Some of the most memorable times of my growing testimony was rolling the news paper outside with just her and I.  There isn't an investigator that I have taught and baptized that has not heard a story of my mom and her lovely testimony.
I am convinced that God choose such an amazing woman to be my mother so a thick-headed boy like myself would have a chance.  I owe it all to her.
Knowing the humble person that she is, she would be quick to give the credit right back to God.  So I want to do the same

We cant all be like her, but we all can be better. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will give you the direction you need to do just that. It is true for Terri Abbott, its true for me, and even if your don't know it yet, its true for you.

Picture: Left: Hal Abbott aka- The Man (my father);  Center: Derek Abbott (older brother);  Right: the beautiful lady herself MY MOM


  1. I hope I can meet your family some day! Awesome post!

  2. Elder Abbott,
    That is the most amazing post! Your mother must be so very proud of you. She sounds amazing. I love the spiritual connection you have with your mother, it truly manifest in your message to her. it's reassuring to me that living the Gospel life is the only way for families/all! My continual role modeling as a mother is so vital and my responsibility to provide spiritual & emotional well being is of essence. Thank you for sharing. Maria

  3. Thanks for sharing that, neat to hear amazing life stories like that

  4. Thank you for this beautiful post, it is a wonder story about the faith your mother has and what traits she has passed down to her children. Very heartfelt and loving story, it really makes me think of my family and what I can do to make us a more spirtual family and increase our faith as a whole family unit.

  5. My mom has indeed passed down spiritual traits on to me. Thank you for the comments!!