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Garden Tomb
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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Things That Matter Most

Too often I get to thinking about what is next in my life; by so doing I tend to over look what is NOW in my life.  So its time for another poem....

Why do I over look
the things that matter most?
Like being with my family,
and keeping them close.

Jumping on the trampoline
with my Lauren May
Is one of the most important things
I could do today

Staying up all night
and talking to my girl
is very time fulfilling
and cheaper than pearls (only if its nights and weekends)

Reading old letters from those
who are close to my heart
Is a great way to feel
not so far apart

Enjoying nature
when I'm out hunting
gives me time to reflect
so I quit fronting

Helping out the needy
and feeding the hungry
can be as simple as attending
AA each and every Monday

My relationship with God
is at the top of my list
so everything I do
should always reflect this

I need Him every hour
so I call on Him above
cuz the most important thing in life
Is Gods love


  1. Loving another poem! A talent I didn't know you had. :-)
    I'm so glad you are remembering the "things that matter most".

    It's so good to hear from you today! I miss seeing your cute face and hearing your fun chuckle! Take great care of yourself...and enjoy each day!

  2. I'm so grateful that you are going to keep up on your blog! thats really amazing! thank you for this poem! you are very talented!

  3. You've got a flare for poetry, nice! Keep the things that matter most at the forefront of your mind. You are amazing and He will bless you.