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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Two Years

The two years of my missionary service has come to an end.  I've always heard the term when referring to a mission "the best two years".  That statement could not be more precise.  I really don't know how to fully express myself when summing up my mission; so, I decided to write a little poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love teaching the gospel
especially to the Jews

I have met a lot of people
Through out my mission
I just wish
I could take all of them fishing

I can't and I wont
Cuz that doesn't really matter
But if you'd like to...
I would be flattered

There is no doubt
That God lives
If you don't believe me
Well then here it is

Just look up into the sky
And you'll see God's hand
He is everywhere
And we are living His plan

I've seen people change
I've seen people grow
Here's a picture
Of this it shows

I will miss California
So very much
The extreme liberals and all
Yes the whole rowdy bunch

One thing is for certain
I will always hold dear
It's the people I've meet
In "the best two years"


  1. That was really cute Elder Abbott, Cali will miss you too. And I am sure that Sofia would love to go fishing with you :)

  2. that was very cute Elder Abbott! I'm grateful that I was able to serve around you and to feel of your spirit! you truly are an amazing Missionary and the CASRM will never be te same without you!

  3. People say your mission is "the best two years." And I never questioned it, since my own experience as a missionary years ago confirmed it. However, in recent months, I've come to discover that it's just not so. I've now come to realize that your son's mission is really the best two years.

    I love you, and am very proud of you.


  4. Elder Abbott - I am going to agree with your father. To watch your son grow and change during their "best two years" is really one of the sweetest experiences in life. You're part Californian now, and I know you are proud of it! Actually, we are all apart of the big "California Santa Rosa Mission" family now, so, until we meet again...find joy in the journey! Much love, Sister B :)

  5. This has also been the best two years of my life watching you and Jared serve and grow.I will miss this time but know there is great times ahead.We must press forward in righteousness until the end.I love you dearly and am proud of you as well.LOOOOVED the poem.You have served the Lord well.
    Mom XOXO

  6. You've touched many lives and will continue to do so. This poem describes missionary work to a T. Continue to be an amazing example to those around you. Thanks.

  7. Elder Abbott, I can't believe this time has come. I know the number of lives you've touched has been very very many, but I just wanted to thank you for the example you have been to Me, personally. You have many great things ahead of you now. The two years are up, but it's just the beginning.
    Ever Grateful, never satisfied!!

    ~Elder Williams

  8. Good work on the poem. I agree with you! I love the people that we are able to meet and to see them change their lives to follow God and His plan! Its so exciting!!