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Garden Tomb
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Redwoods are HUGE!!!

Sometimes, we feel real small in the world.  My latest trip up north to Eureka California was one of those times.
Northern California is know for its beauty but in particular the worlds tallest trees, Redwood trees.  After a great 24 hours teaching and preaching Gods truth, Elder Hinton and I took a moment to tour the notorious "Avenue of the Giants".
There in the silent redwood forest, I once again was struck with awe at the love that my God has for me.  There are plenty of bigger and better things out there, other than myself (the giant redwoods towering above tend to make one feel real small). But, this I do know, that little ole James Abbott is watched and cared for by a loving God, my Heavenly Father.  He not only sees me for who I am, but who I can become.  I have learned these truths by learning His Gospel.

You too can feel big, even in a world where you seem so small.
visit to learn more about the plan that God, our Father in Heaven, has for us, His children.

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  1. Oh my favorite place in Northern California (you can get really good fresh crab up there too)
    "You are a giant Elder Abbott, standing next to a giant." -Warren "Both are full of years well beyond their growth 'rings'...quiet at times but full of wisdom, standing tall and majestic. The stillness and quietness of this forest makes me feel closer to Heavenly Father" -Katy