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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mormons are "weird"...

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why Mormons are so 'diffrent'?"
I received a letter from my father a while back.  It reads...

"I had an interesting experience at work on Friday.  I'm serving as scoutmaster for the troop, and we had a merit badge clinic at our ward building this weekend.  My troop had three boys signed up to take some merit badges for the clinic, and I had to sign the blue merit badge cards for the boys to give them permission to take the classes.  So on Friday, the boys' mothers came by the office to get the cards from me.  Sister Martinez, Sister Behnke and Sister Benjamin all came by during the course of the morning. 

After they had all come by, the lady working at our front desk (Celeste) asked me, "Are those three ladies also Mormons?"

I said, "yes, why?"

She answered, "I thought so.  Mormons look different."

"How so?", I asked.

"You always have this smile and this look on your face," she said.  "You must know something we don't know."

Yes, we surely know something they don't know.  I've known it since my conversion in April 1978....."

So the question arises, "What do you know that is different that makes you so happy?"

Elder Russell N. Neslson, a living Apostle addressed this very topic this last October General Conference...

Many years ago two colleagues of mine—a nurse and her doctor husband—asked me why I lived the way I did. I answered, “Because I know the Book of Mormon is true.” ( Be thou an example of the believers )

I too like my father and Elder Nelson know something that will make you and any human being happy, its the fullness of the everlasting Gospel found in the Book of Mormon.  If you haven't read the book, take heed to my words, because I have.  I am a living witness that the Book of Mormon is a true book.  My very life has been changed because of the words of that book that I have applied which have ultimately turned me to the one and only Prince of Peace, Christ the Lord Jesus.

Request a free copy of the Book of Mormon
Request a free copy of the Book of Mormon


  1. So true! It is the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon changed my life and save my life as well. Thats why im here serving the Lord. I found so much peace when reading it, and i myself changed. i feel happier than i ever felt before and i know that it started by reading the Book of Mormon. Thanx for the reminder.!

  2. Another thing that always made us weird in college as Mormons is the extent many of us will go to do what we know is right. A Mormon is definitely much safer and happier by doing that. That gives exactly why we have the strength to be so weird. Having had a personal confirmation that what we're doing is right, we're a lot more willing to sacrifice a year and a half or more to doing it. Anyone who wants that kind of confidence can get by reading the Book of Mormon and getting personal confirmation of it. The Lord certainly wants a "peculiar people". What else do you think makes Mormons so peculiar?